We are grateful for each and every one of you who have lent your time and talents to making The Kitchen a reality. Thank you!

A big thanks to RBC for their generous support of our food security programs, with special thanks to Martin Thibodeau, Regional President British Columbia. With their help, the first JFS food security van is hitting our local streets. We couldn't do it without them!


Mike Akres and Jason Kleinfeld, Sequoia Restaurants

Tamar Bakonyi

Paul Becker

Rabbi Rokie Bernstein

Karl Biernbrodt

Eleanor Boyle

Kerri Chetner

Stephen Gaerber,
Eddie's Hang-Up Display

Asuman Gencol

Shannon Gorski

Green Standards

Ruth M'Rav Jankelowitz,
Janks Design Group Inc.

Simone Kallner

Stacey Kape

Lance Clarke and Barry Wajzer,
Allied Plumbing

Michael Cossever

Alex Cristall, Cristall Group Investments

Alex Demajo

Mel and Geri Davis
Charitable Trust

Shannon Ezekiel

“Within our home, we provide a safe place for our family to gather together, share meals, and feel loved.  While we cannot fix all the social ills in our city, we can help in ensuring that all members of our community also have a safe place to gather together, share meals, and feel loved.  Being able to provide this level of support is a blessing and our responsibility to a community that we consider part of our extended family.”

- Jody and Harvey Dales

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