Two key reports that have helped to guide the formation of our new Jewish Food Hub.

The Food Hub Transformation Project we are undertaking has been the work years of research, planning and community engagement.

This includes a collection of current organizations participating in the growing Jewish Food Movement, as well as some examples of Community Food Centers that have been established in other communities.


Note there are many, more organizations involved in the Jewish Food Movement. However, exploring these sites will take you to a much broader lists.

Community Food Centers in Canada

Additional Resources

According to a news article by the Jewish Forward, "The pantry allows poor and near-poor individuals to make their own choices about the food they receive, using a point system based on family size. These clients choose from an online inventory that reflects what’s in stock at that very moment, making this pantry popular, impactful and efficient."  Learn More

An organization in Jerusalem that, according to one of our volunteers who visited it, handles food distribution to people across Israel with a very efficient operation for packing bulk grains etc into individual bags.  Learn More

Food Colours