Nourishing lives in the heart of Vancouver.

Take a tour of The Kitchen! Janelle, JFS Director of Food Security, shows you around our new space housing the food bank, a garden, kitchen, and more.

“JFS is committed to building a more food secure community, rooted in our Jewish values and available to those in need.”

– Tanja Demajo, CEO

The Kitchen is a multi-functional and welcoming space offering life-skill learning opportunities through our community garden, our in-house kitchen, and more. Care managers are available onsite and available to meet with clients, one-on-one, for a range of social services conveniently located in one place. When it is safe to do so, this new space will be a venue where celebrations and cultural events will bring people together to gather and build life-long connections.

The Kitchen is officially open!

Stop by and see us at 54 East 3rd Avenue in Vancouver.